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IMPORTANT : COMMENT UTILISER CES INFORMATIONS : This is a recap as well as does NOT have all feasible info concerning this item. This info does not guarantee that this item is secure, efficient, or proper for you. This info is not private clinical recommendations as well as does not replacement for the recommendations of your healthcare expert. Constantly ask your healthcare expert for full info concerning this item as well as your certain health and wellness demands.

  • ATOMOXETINE – ORAL (A-toe-MOX-e-teen)
  • MARQUE(S) COMMUNE(S) – Strattera

MISE EN GARDE: A handful of individuals (particularly children/teenagers) that take atomoxetine for attention-deficit hyperactivity condition (ADHD) might experience aggravating of their problem, various other mental/mood signs and symptoms, or self-destructive thoughts/attempts. As a result, it is extremely crucial to chat with the physician concerning the threats as well as advantages of this medicine (particularly for children/teenagers).

Inform the physician right now if you see aggravating of your condition/other psychological problems, uncommon habits modifications (consisting of feasible self-destructive thoughts/attempts), or various other mental/mood modifications (consisting of new/worsening stress and anxiety, anxiety attack, problem resting, irritation, hostile/angry sensations, hallucinations, misconceptions, spontaneous activities, serious uneasiness, extremely quick speech). Be particularly careful for these signs and symptoms when you initially begin this medicine or when the dosage is transformed.


Atomoxetine is made use of to deal with attention-deficit hyperactivity condition (ADHD) as component of an overall therapy strategy, consisting of mental, social, as well as various other therapies. It might aid to enhance the capability to listen, concentrate, remain concentrated, as well as quit fidgeting. It is believed to function by bring back the equilibrium of particular all-natural compounds (natural chemicals) in the mind.


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Review the Drug Overview given by your pharmacologist prior to you begin utilizing atomoxetine as well as each time you obtain a refill. If you have any type of concerns, ask your physician or pharmacologist.

  1. Prendre

    Take this medication with or without food as directed by your doctor, usually 1 to 2 times a day. The first dose is usually taken when you wake up in the morning. If a second dose is prescribed, take it as directed by your doctor, usually in the late afternoon/early evening. Taking this medication late in the day may cause trouble sleeping (insomnia).

  2. Swallow the capsules

    Swallow the capsules whole. Do not crush, chew, or open the capsules. If the capsule is accidentally opened or broken, avoid contact with the powder and wash away any loose powder as soon as possible with water. If the powder gets in your eyes, flush with plenty of water right away and contact your doctor.

  3. Dosage

    The dosage is based on your medical condition, response to treatment, and other drugs you may be taking. Be sure to tell your doctor and pharmacist about all the products you use (including prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and herbal products). Do not increase your dose or take this drug more often than directed.

  4. Utilisez ce médicament régulièrement

    Use this medication regularly to get the most benefit from it. To help you remember, take it at the same time(s) each day.

  5. Médecin

    Informez votre médecin si votre état ne s'améliore pas ou s'il s'aggrave.


  • Indigestion
  • malaise
  • vomir
  • irregularity
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite/weight loss
  • bouche complètement sèche
  • étourdissement
  • envie de dormir
  • problem resting
  • or reduce in sex-related ability/desire might happen.
  • In ladies, menstruation aches or missed/irregular durations might additionally happen.

If any one of these impacts continue or intensify, inform your physician or pharmacologist without delay.

To decrease the possibility of wooziness, stand up gradually from a resting or existing setting.

Bear in mind that your physician has actually suggested this medicine since she or he has actually evaluated that the advantage to you is above the threat of negative effects. Many individuals utilizing this medicine do not have major negative effects.

This medicine might elevate your high blood pressure. Examine your high blood pressure consistently as well as inform your physician if the outcomes are high.

Inform your physician right now if you have any type of major negative effects, consisting of:

  • difficulté à faire pipi
  • uncommonly fast/irregular heart beat
  • évanouissement
  • numbness/tingling

Atomoxetine might hardly ever create major (perhaps deadly) liver condition. Obtain clinical aid right now if you have any type of signs and symptoms of liver damages, consisting of:

  • pipi noir
  • relentless nausea/vomiting/loss of hunger
  • gêne gastrique/abdominale
  • jaunissement des yeux/de la peau

This medicine might hardly ever create major issues such as a cardiac arrest or stroke. Obtain clinical aid right now if you experience any one of the following:

  • chest/jaw/left arm discomfort
  • manque de souffle
  • uncommon sweating
  • weak point on one side of the body
  • complication
  • troubles de l'élocution
  • unexpected vision modifications

Hardly ever, men (consisting of young children as well as teenagers) might have an uncomfortable or long term erection lasting 4 or even more hrs while utilizing this medicine. Caregivers/parents ought to additionally watch for this major negative effects in kids. If an uncomfortable or long term erection happens, quit utilizing this medicine as well as obtain clinical aid right now, or irreversible issues can happen. Ask your physician or pharmacologist for even more information.

An extremely major allergy to this medicine is unusual. Nonetheless, obtain clinical aid right now if you see any type of signs and symptoms of a severe allergy, consisting of:

  • éclater
  • démangeaisons/gonflement (en particulier du visage/de la langue/de la gorge)
  • étourdissement sérieux
  • problème respiratoire

This is not a full checklist of feasible negative effects. If you see various other impacts not noted above, call your physician or pharmacologist.

In the UK – Call your physician for clinical recommendations concerning negative effects. You might report negative effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or at

In UK – Call your physician for clinical recommendations concerning negative effects.


Prior to taking atomoxetine, inform your physician or pharmacologist if you dislike it; or if you have any type of various other allergic reactions. This item might have non-active active ingredients, which can create allergies or various other issues. Talk with your pharmacologist for even more information.

  1. Prior to utilizing this medicine, inform your physician or pharmacologist your case history, particularly of: a particular adrenal issue (pheochromocytoma), bladder or prostate issues, glaucoma, heart issues (such as uneven heart beat, cardiac arrest, previous cardiac arrest, issues with heart framework), household background of heart issues (such as unexpected heart fatality, uneven heart beat), hypertension, liver condition, personal/family background of mental/mood conditions (such as bipolar affective disorder, clinical depression, psychosis, self-destructive ideas), stroke.
  2. This medicine might make you woozy or sluggish. Do not drive, make use of equipment, or do any type of task that needs awareness till you make certain you can do such tasks securely. Restriction alcohols.
  3. Prior to having surgical procedure, inform your physician or dental expert concerning all the items you make use of (consisting of prescription medicines, nonprescription medicines, as well as organic items).
  4. If made use of for a very long time, this medicine might influence a youngster’s development price, weight, as well as last grown-up elevation. To lower the threat, the physician might suggest briefly quitting the medicine every now and then. Examine the kid’s weight as well as elevation consistently, as well as consult your physician or pharmacologist for even more information.
  5. While pregnant, this medicine ought to be made use of just when plainly required. Talk about the threats as well as advantages with your physician.

It is unidentified if this medicine enters bust milk. Consult your physician prior to breast-feeding.


Medicine communications might alter exactly how your drugs function or enhance your threat for major negative effects. This file does not have all feasible medicine communications. Maintain a listing of all the items you make use of (consisting of prescription/nonprescription medicines as well as organic items) as well as share it with your physician as well as pharmacologist. Do not begin, quit, or alter the dose of any type of medications without your physician’s authorization.

Taking MAO preventions with this medicine might create a severe (perhaps deadly) medicine communication. Stay clear of taking MAO preventions (isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue, moclobemide, phenelzine, procarbazine, rasagiline, selegiline, tranylcypromine) throughout therapy with this medicine. Many MAO preventions ought to additionally not be considered 2 weeks prior to as well as after therapy with this medicine. Ask your physician when to begin or quit taking this medicine.

Examine the tags on all your medications (such as cough-and-cold items, diet plan help) since they might have active ingredients that can enhance your heart price or high blood pressure. Ask your pharmacologist for even more information.


If a person has actually overdosed as well as has major signs and symptoms such as losing consciousness or problem breathing, telephone call emergency hotline. Or else, call a toxin nerve center right now. United States locals can call their neighborhood toxin nerve center. UK locals can call a rural toxin nerve center. Signs and symptoms of overdose might consist of:

  • uncommonly rapid heart beat
  • serious frustration

REMARQUES: Do not share this medicine with others.

Research laboratory and/or clinical examinations (such as pulse, high blood pressure, liver feature examinations) might be done occasionally to check your progression or look for negative effects. Consult your physician for even more information.

If you have heart issues, your physician might do particular heart examinations (EKG, echocardiogram) prior to you begin this medicine.

Maintain all routine clinical as well as laboratory visits.


If you miss out on a dosage, take it as quickly as you keep in mind if it coincides day. If it is the following day, miss the missed out on dosage as well as resume your typical application timetable. Do not increase the dosage to capture up.


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