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VIKTIG: SLIK BRUKER DU DENNE DETALJENE: This is a recap and also does NOT have all feasible info regarding this item. This info does not ensure that this item is risk-free, reliable, or ideal for you. This info is not specific clinical guidance and also does not alternative to the guidance of your healthcare expert. Constantly ask your healthcare expert for total info regarding this item and also your certain wellness requirements.

  • AMANTADINE – ORAL (a-MAN-ta-deen)
  • FELLES VAREMERKENAVN – Symadine, Symmetrel


Amantadine is utilized to avoid or deal with a specific sort of influenza (flu A). If you have actually been contaminated with the influenza, this medicine might assist make your signs and symptoms much less extreme and also reduce the moment it will certainly take you to improve. Taking amantadine if you have actually been or will certainly be subjected to the influenza might assist to avoid you from obtaining the influenza. This medicine is an antiviral that is thought to function by quitting development of the influenza infection. This medicine is not an injection. To boost the possibility that you will certainly not obtain the influenza, it is essential to obtain an influenza shot yearly at the start of every influenza period, preferably.

Based upon the referral from the Centers for Illness Control (CDC) in the United States, amantadine ought to not be utilized to deal with or avoid flu A since the present flu An infection in the USA and also UK is immune to this medicine. For even more information, speak with your medical professional or pharmacologist.

Amantadine is likewise utilized to deal with Parkinson’s illness, in addition to adverse effects triggered by medicines (e.g., drug-induced extrapyramidal signs and symptoms), chemicals, various other clinical problems. In these situations, this medicine might assist to boost your variety of activity and also capacity to workout. For the therapy of these problems, amantadine is thought to function by recovering the equilibrium of all-natural chemicals (natural chemicals) in the mind.


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  1. Ta

    Take this medicine by mouth with or without food, typically one or two times day-to-day or as guided by your medical professional. If you are taking this medicine two times a day and also have problem resting after taking it, take the 2nd dosage numerous hours prior to going to bed.

  2. Taking the syrup

    If you are taking the syrup, determine the dosage thoroughly with a drug spoon/cup.

  3. Dose

    Dose is based upon your clinical problem and also action to treatment. In youngsters, the dose is likewise based upon body weight. Do not take greater than recommended by your medical professional.

  4. This medicine functions best

    This medicine functions best when the quantity of medication in your body is maintained a consistent degree. Consequently, take this medicine at equally spaced periods throughout the night and day.

  5. Taking amantadine

    If you are taking amantadine for a viral infection, start taking it immediately. Proceed taking it up until the complete proposed quantity is completed, also if signs and symptoms go away after a couple of days. Quiting the medicine prematurely might cause a regression of the infection.

  6. Results

    In Parkinson's illness, the results of the medicine might not be discovered for numerous weeks. Do not unexpectedly quit taking the medicine due to the fact that signs and symptoms or adverse effects might get worse. Your medical professional might wish to minimize your dosage progressively. This medicine might not function too after it has actually been considered numerous months. Inform your medical professional if this medicine quits working well.


  • Skjult syn
  • kvalme
  • fordøyelsesbesvær
  • søvnighet
  • svimmelhet
  • frustrasjon
  • helt tørr munn
  • tarm uregelmessighet
  • angst
  • or problem resting might happen

If any one of these results continue or get worse, inform your medical professional or pharmacologist immediately.

Bear in mind that your medical professional has actually recommended this medicine due to the fact that she or he has actually evaluated that the advantage to you is higher than the danger of adverse effects. Lots of people utilizing this medicine do not have significant adverse effects.

Inform your medical professional right away if any one of these not likely yet significant adverse effects happen:

  • purplish-red blotchy places on the skin
  • swelling of the ankles/feet
  • problem peeing
  • vision adjustments

Inform your medical professional right away if any one of these unusual yet extremely significant adverse effects happen:

  • mangel på pust
  • mental/mood adjustments (such as clinical depression, self-destructive thoughts/attempts, uncontrollable actions consisting of impulse to wager)
  • tetthet i muskelvevet
  • unchecked muscular tissue activities
  • uvanlig svette
  • rask hjerteslag
  • inexplicable high temperature
  • anfall

A really significant allergy to this medication is not likely, yet look for prompt clinical interest if it takes place. Signs and symptoms of a major allergy might consist of:

  • bryte ut
  • kløe/hevelse (spesielt ansikt/tunge/hals)
  • ekstrem svimmelhet
  • problemer med å puste

This is not a total listing of feasible adverse effects. If you observe various other results not provided above, call your medical professional or pharmacologist.

In the UK – Call your medical professional for clinical guidance regarding adverse effects.

In UK – Call your medical professional for clinical guidance regarding adverse effects.


Prior to taking amantadine, inform your medical professional or pharmacologist if you dislike it; or to rimantadine; or if you have any type of various other allergic reactions. This item might have non-active active ingredients, which can trigger allergies or various other troubles. Talk with your pharmacologist for even more information.

  1. This medicine ought to not be utilized if you have specific clinical problems. Prior to utilizing this medication, consult your medical professional or pharmacologist if you have: a specific sort of eye illness (without treatment closed-angle glaucoma).
  2. Prior to utilizing this medicine, inform your medical professional or pharmacologist your case history, particularly of: swelling of arms/legs (outer edema), heart troubles (e.g., heart disease), high blood pressure troubles (e.g., wooziness when standing), kidney illness, liver illness, mental/mood problems (e.g., clinical depression, psychosis), seizures, a specific skin problem (eczematoid dermatitis).
  3. This medication might make you lightheaded or sleepy or trigger obscured vision. Do not drive, make use of equipment, or do any type of task that needs awareness or clear vision up until you make sure you can do such tasks securely. Prevent liquors.
  4. To decrease wooziness and also faintness, rise gradually when climbing from a seated or existing setting.
  5. If you are taking this medicine for Parkinson’s illness, beware not to exaggerate exercise as your problem boosts due to the fact that this might boost your danger of drops. Consult your medical professional regarding a strategy to progressively boost your exercise as signs and symptoms boost.
  6. Kidney feature decreases as you age. This medicine is gotten rid of by the kidneys. Consequently, senior individuals might go to a higher danger for adverse effects while taking this medication.
  7. This medicine ought to be utilized while pregnant just if plainly required. There are unusual records of heart problems in babies whose mommies took amantadine while pregnant. Review the threats and also advantages with your medical professional.

This medication enters bust milk and also might have unwanted results on a nursing baby. Seek advice from your medical professional prior to breast-feeding.


Your medical care specialists (e.g., medical professional or pharmacologist) might currently know any type of feasible medication communications and also might be checking you for it. Do not begin, quit or transform the dose of any type of medication prior to consulting them initially.

This medication ought to not be utilized with the complying with medicine due to the fact that a really significant communication might happen: influenza vaccination breathed in with the nose.

If you are presently utilizing the medicine provided above, inform your medical professional or pharmacologist prior to beginning amantadine.

Prior to utilizing this medicine, inform your medical professional or pharmacologist of all prescription and also nonprescription/herbal items you might make use of, particularly of:

  • anticholinergics (e.g., atropine)
  • antihistamines (e.g., diphenhydramine)
  • specific psychological medications (phenothiazines such as thioridazine)
  • quinidine
  • quinine
  • energizers (like high levels of caffeine and also decongestants frequently located in cough-and-cold items)
  • triamterene/hydrochlorothiazide, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole

This file does not have all feasible communications. Consequently, prior to utilizing this item, inform your medical professional or pharmacologist of all the items you make use of. Maintain a checklist of all your drugs with you, and also share the listing with your medical professional and also pharmacologist.


If overdose is presumed, call a toxin nerve center or emergency clinic right away. United States locals can call their neighborhood toxin nerve center. UK locals can call a rural toxin nerve center. Signs and symptoms of overdose might consist of:

  • fast/irregular heart beats
  • ekstrem søvnighet
  • mangel på pust
  • justering av tissemengde
  • mental/mood adjustments (e.g., stress and anxiety, hostility, complication, hallucinations)
  • anfall

MERKNADER: Do not share this item with others.

Individuals with Parkinson’s illness might have a raised danger for establishing skin cancer cells (cancer malignancy). If you are taking this medication to deal with Parkinson’s illness, inform your medical professional immediately if you observe an adjustment in the look or dimension of moles or various other uncommon skin adjustments. Ask your medical professional if you ought to have routine skin examinations.


If you miss out on a dosage, take it as quickly as you keep in mind. If it is near the moment of the following dosage, avoid the missed out on dosage and also resume your typical application routine. Do not increase the dosage to capture up.


  • Shop at space temperature level at 77 levels F (25 levels C) far from light and also wetness.
  • Quick storage space in between 59-86 levels F (15-30 levels C) is allowed.
  • Do not shop in the restroom. Maintain all medications far from youngsters and also family pets.
  • Ikke skyll medikamenter ned i kommoden eller legg dem rett inn i et avløpsrør med mindre du blir bedt om å gjøre det.
  • Kast dette elementet effektivt når det er avsluttet eller ikke lenger er nødvendig.

Rådfør deg med farmakologen eller søppeltømmingsfirmaet i nabolaget for enda mer informasjon om hvordan du kan kaste varen din på en sikker måte.

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